KTU WANTed karjeros dienos 2023

Remote internship at Data science team


Build your IT career at Accenture Baltics!

If you want to start a career in IT, apply for Accenture Bootcamp – the most extensive, remote and free IT training provided by Accenture – one of the leading IT companies in the world. Bootcamp is free of charge set of intensive trainings with a mixture of teamwork, self-study, workshops and hands-on experience.
After the Bootcamp, for the most successful participants we offer 3 month fully paid internship at Accenture Baltics.

Best graduates will be offered a permanent job position!

About the training:

What is our data science bootcamp about?

With the world going crazy about self-driving cars, we will show you how the data science technology behind it actually works. Maybe you also want to learn how to make future predictions based on data science algorithms? Such “magic” can be used in any area and can have infinite amounts of different use cases!

What will you learn in our data science bootcamp?

Throughout our data science course you will learn how to:

  • prepare and visualize data
  • create and use clustering algorithms
  • create and use predictive models and be able to forecast fascinating things
  • create classification models and how to evaluate their performance
  • do feature engineering
  • use natural language processing for textual data analytics
  • work with image processing
  • you will learn about artificial neural networks and deep learning in theory and practice


Norėdami sužinoti daugiau apie siūlomą praktikos vietą, galite susisiekti su įmonės kontaktiniu asmeniu:

Atsakingas asmuo Zanda Dame (Bootcamp team lead)
Tel. Nr. (+370...) +37128388880
El. paštas zanda.dame@accenture.com