Remote internship at Javascript team!

Įmonė Accenture Baltics
Fakultetas Informatikos fakultetas
Socialinių, humanitarinių mokslų ir menų fakultetas
Praktika siūloma Bakalauro žemesnių kursų studentams
Atlikimo vieta Remote internship
Siūlomas vietų skaičius 7
Apmokama Taip
Virtuali atranka Taip
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Praktikos trukmė 2022-08-16 - 2022-11-16
Paskelbta 2022-05-13
Galioja iki 2022-07-25
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Build your IT career at Accenture Baltics!

If you want to start a career in IT, apply for Accenture Bootcamp – the most extensive, remote and free IT training provided by Accenture – one of the leading IT companies in the world. Bootcamp is free of charge set of intensive trainings with a mixture of teamwork, self-study, workshops and hands-on experience.

Bootcamp usually takes 1-4 weeks! For the most successful participants we offer 3 month fully paid internship at Accenture Lithuania.

Best graduates will be offered a permanent job position!  

About the training:

In Front End development we concentrate on all web orientated solutions based on the web base trio – HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with the main focus being on JavaScript engineering. JavaScript has been one of the Top 3 most demanded programming languages and skills for a long time and there is still no slowdown in sight. JavaScript is the language of the web and we use the web daily – websites, portals, web applications.
It is everywhere – from rich visual experiences on websites and complex web applications to powering high load middleware and backend applications written in NodeJS, to popular desktop applications written in electron – Slack, MS Teams, VS Code.
You will be working on creating User Interface (UI) for websites, creating complex web applications, integrating them with backend solutions and creating backend services for a serverless cloud stack.
The main requirement is to have a spark in your eyes and a passion for making the world a better place today than it was yesterday. Passion for being a problem solver, taking challenges apart and putting them back in the form of a solution, using the tools at your disposal correctly!


Norėdami sužinoti daugiau apie siūlomą praktikos vietą, galite susisiekti su įmonės kontaktiniu asmeniu:

Atsakingas asmuo Zanda Dame (Bootcamp team lead)
Tel. Nr. +37128388880
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