Remote internship at Accenture Microsoft .NET team

Įmonė Accenture Baltics
Fakultetas Informatikos fakultetas
Praktika siūloma Bakalauro žemesnių kursų studentams
Atlikimo vieta Gedimino pr. 20, Vilnius, Lietuva
Siūlomas vietų skaičius 6
Apmokama Taip
Virtuali atranka Taip
Darbas per nuotolį Taip
Praktikos trukmė 2022-07-11 - 2022-10-11
Paskelbta 2022-05-13
Galioja iki 2022-06-20
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Build your IT career at Accenture Baltics!

If you want to start a career in IT, apply for Accenture Bootcamp – the most extensive, remote and free IT training provided by Accenture – one of the leading IT companies in the world. Bootcamp is free of charge set of intensive trainings with a mixture of teamwork, self-study, workshops and hands-on experience.
After the Bootcamp, for the most successful participants we offer 3 month fully paid internship at Accenture Baltics.

Best graduates will be offered a permanent job position!

About the training:

This bootcamp might be the first step for you to become expert in either of these areas:
– Full stack .NET developer – foundation for building Cloud native and Web applications or on-premise solutions;
– Microsoft Azure cloud architect – working on scalable, cost effective, easy manageable and administrative platform set-up using latest cloud technologies;
– Data analyst – support for any business in data driven decision making using Azure Cloud data services like Azure Data Factory and Synapse analytics and one of the most powerful data visualization tools – Power BI;
– Modern workplace consultant – in code-less platforms set up solutions for client busines process optimization, monitoring and measuring;
– Expert in content management systems – enabling our clients to publish all their web content in unified, easy scalable way.

The Bootcamp will provide you with:
– Introduction to full software development lifecycle;
– Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure cloud and its services;
– Introduction to Software Tools and .NET Development Environments;
– Hands on experience in building solution based on object-oriented programming;
– Guidance on how to organize information from real world into structured relational database solution;
– Explanation of how to work with data, how they support and drive business decisions;
– Real life project challenges and examples from people working in the field for many years.

You should be:
– With basic knowledge in IT;
– Current or Ex- IT student or someone re-skilling, someone who wants to get theoretical and hands-on experience in Microsoft technologies and .NET;
– Passionate about technologies;
– Willing to learn, search, build, fail, build, succeed.


Norėdami sužinoti daugiau apie siūlomą praktikos vietą, galite susisiekti su įmonės kontaktiniu asmeniu:

Atsakingas asmuo Zanda Dame (Bootcamp team lead)
Tel. Nr. +37128388880
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