KTU WANTed karjeros dienos 2023

Functional programming (Scala) internship

Paid internship:

  • Learn back-end programming with Scala
    • It’s an FP-OOP language, used in companies such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Wix, to name a few. Some call it the Better Java. We really like it.

You will:

  • Work on real projects with an experienced mentor;
  • Help us fix our stuff. We have so much work! If you’re good – you’re hired;
  • Learn to use contemporary code version control on GitHub;
  • Have your code reviewed by some really smart people;
  • Fix real problems that you’d face while working as a developer, not just dry theoretical tasks;
  • Learn working on modern-day distributed systems using Docker, Kubernetes etc.;
  • Experience the best Slack memes this side of the Mississippi;
  • Work in an international team.

Functional Programming:

  • Code that is easy to reason about;
  • Programs that don’t break when you refactor them;
  • Testable code that is easy to maintain;
  • Bulletproof programs that don’t fall over for unexplainable reasons;
  • Never again experience the pain of a null pointer exception.


  • Have good working knowledge of English;
  • Have great communication skills;
  • Prefer to learn a few principles instead of dozens of rules or patterns;
  • In class, you would be the one who reasoned out the answer.

Where: our office is in central Kaunas. We would like to see you there at least a couple times a week. But we’re flexible and very remote friendly. 

How long: 320 hours, either full-time over 2 months, or spread out over up to 5 months. Like I said, we’re pretty flexible. 

How to get in: complete a home assignment to show us how you think, and a screening interview to see if we’re a fit.

Who we are: a small and dynamic tech-company developing a feature-rich location search API for other businesses. The API lets users search, map or visualise where’s reachable within a travel time limit. Learn more at www.traveltime.com

Norėdami sužinoti daugiau apie siūlomą praktikos vietą, galite susisiekti su įmonės kontaktiniu asmeniu:

Atsakingas asmuo Tomas Šimkus (Produkto vadovas)
Tel. Nr. (+370...) +37061223400
El. paštas tomas.simkus@traveltime.com