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The rules of use of the information system for cooperation between Kaunas University of Technology and the enterprises

  • The information system for cooperation between Kaunas University of Technology and the enterprises is managed and administered by the public enterprise Kaunas University of Technology (hereinafter – University), legal entity code 111950581, address K. Donelaičio str. 73, LT-44249 Kaunas, VAT payer code LT119505811, email ktu@ktu.lt.
  • Please read the rules of use (hereinafter – Rules) of the information system for cooperation between Kaunas University of Technology and the enterprises (hereinafter – System) before you begin the registration and using the System. When the representative of a company uses the System, the University considers that the representative has read the Rules, agrees with them and undertakes to oblige them.
  • The University can unilaterally amend the Rules, the registration conditions in the System, the functionality of the System, the services provided within the System and stipulate the fees for services. All the amendments are introduced to the company’s representative by the email provided by the representative in the System.

The purpose and use of the system

  • The system is intended for companies and organisations aiming to publish the internship and job ads on the website https://wanted.ktu.edu, to submit the cooperation proposals to the University’s employees and students.
  • The system can be used by the company’s representative (-s) registered in the System (hereinafter – User (s)) who enters the login data in the registration form in the System; or when a registered User who fills in the data of a new User (another representative of the company) in the System. Users are prohibited to use the System for any illegal actions.
  • By registration and/or using the System, the User confirms that he/she has authorisation to represent the company; during and after the registration the User provides correct, accurate and complete data of the company and its representatives.
  • The registered company becomes the data controller of its login data; it guarantees the security of its login data and takes full responsibility for the actions performed on its behalf by the persons who log into the System. Each User undertakes to notify the University immediately about the loss or illegal use of login data.
  • The User agrees for the data provided in the System during or after the registration to be public and available to the visitors of the website https://wanted.ktu.edu.
  • The registration and use of the System are free of charge.
  • The User is fully responsible for the compliance of the ad content with the provisions of the Rules and the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. By providing the data in the ad, the User confirms and guarantees that the provided information is authentic, accurate and complete. It is prohibited to publish the misleading, offensive and incorrect internship and job ads, other proposals violating the law of the Republic of Lithuania and the established moral standards in the System.
  • The University has a right to remove the ads and any other information provided by the User from the System at any time at its discretion, to make ads (information) invisible, to unregister the User, to block, correct or edit the User’s ads and information if the University considers that the User violates the Rules and current legislation, provided incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete and/or misleading information during the registration or while using the System, purposefully or accidentally disclosed the deceptive or incorrect information or otherwise misbehaved.
  • The University provides technical measures for the uploading of the information in the System but does not undertake to take part in finding the trainees and/or employees, formalising their employment and other procedures related to the published ads or the proposals provided to the University.

Personal data processing and management

  • The University has a right to process and manage the data provided by the User during the registration or while using the System later on – personal data of a natural person and those or another company’s representative under the procedure stipulated by these Rules and for the purposes specified therein.
  • The User confirms that he/she understands and agrees for the University to process and manage the User’s personal data based on the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania related to the personal data protection and the Rules.
  • Personal data are processed for the purpose of the proper provision of services to the User: uploading of ads, provision of other proposals to the University’s employees and students, etc. The User’s data are processed in the System and in the University’s internal information systems. The personal data provided by the User are published on the website https://wanted.ktu.edu; they are available to the University’s employees and students in the internal information systems.
  • The User is a data subject providing the following personal data in the System: his/her name, surname, name of the represented company, legal form, position, email address, telephone. The User has a right to provide the personal data of other company’s representatives while registering them in the System.
  • The purposes of personal data processing: Identification of the User (name, surname, position), assignment of the User to the company name and legal form of the company) and contact with the User (email address, telephone). The legal framework for data collection – Article 6 (1 (a)) of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (the data subject has given consent to the processing of their personal data for one or more specific purposes). The User is informed about his/her right to revoke the consent at any time.
  • PateikBy providing personal data, the User:
    • Gives the University the right to manage and process the User’s personal data in the volume and for the purposes stipulated by these Rules. The User has the right to revoke the consent for the University to manage and process the User’s personal data at any time, as well as to demand the termination of management, processing or the removal of the personal data;
    • States that provides his/her personal data for their uploading in the System of his/her own free will and agrees for the provided data to be stored and processed electronically in the System’s database within 2 years from his/her last login to the System and deleted by the University’s authorised person upon the expiry of this period;
    • Agrees and acknowledges that he/she provided the contact data (telephone, email address, etc.) and his/her personal data in the System so that the third parties could access these data, review and copy them (when the data are provided in the ads and proposals as contact data).
  • The User has a right to access his/her personal data, demand to correct the incorrect and/or inaccurate personal data and prohibit the collection and processing of his/her personal data at any time.
  • If the User has objections or complaints with regards to the personal data processing, he/she can lodge a request in a free format or a complaint to the University’s data protection supervisor by email privacy@ktu.lt or address K. Donelaičio str 73-110, Kaunas, or to the State Data Protection Inspectorate by email ada@ada.lt, address J. Juozapavičiaus str. 6, Vilnius.

Cookies and their use

  • The System identifies persons by using cookies. The cookies are small files temporarily recorded in the hard disk of the User’s device; they allow to identify the User during his/her next visits in the System.
  • The use of cookies is a standard practice used for the browsing of websites; it facilitates the use of the website. The User can always review the cookies used in the browser as well as change the settings of their use. Only the technical support cookies are used on the websites; they store the information about the browsing session (session identifier). No other information is stored in the cookies and they are not used for any other purposes.
  • The University records the IP addresses and the performed actions of the visitors in its server logs aiming to ensure the possibility to respond to the digital incidents. IP address is a unique code in the networks identifying the computer. It is not an unusual practice.